Schedule and track progress with Asteyo.

Plan, schedule and manage progress of your tasks on personal or team projects. Projects can be privately or publicly accessible.


What to expect from our platform


You can collaborate with your team and organize team members into groups based on their roles.

Kanban board

Kanban board is helping you to visualize progress of your tasks within a project.

Project access control

A project can be publicly accessed by anyone, or protected with a unique password for anyone to access it without registering. Private project gives access to team members of the project only.

Message board

Message board can be used to communicate with project's team members or to the public audience.

Flexible titles and headings

We provide flexibility on naming titles and headings of different parts of UI components to meet the desire of your project.


Timeline shows schedules of your tasks in chronological order. Through filters and sortings tasks can be rendered differently.

Use Cases

There are many ways to use our platform, use cases are including but not limited to.


Creating schedules and tasks for classes or homeworks.

Event planning

Share your activities plan for your wedding ceremony, funeral service or any event with your audience.


Plan and track your social media and SEO marketing strategies.

Project management

Create a killer project plan that will optimize your workflow.


Stay tuned for upcoming good stuff


Currently you can view schedules in timeline/agenda, but we are about to launch calendar view anytime soon.

Time tracker

If you would like to track amount of time used on a task, just bear with us you will soon be able to do that.


You will be able to create and clear checklists.


Our highest priorities are set to attaching files to a task and task conversation through comments.


Analytical data on how team members do well with their tasks and time.


Capability to build community templates for anyone to quick start a project.


Totally free

Currently all features are offered for free and no credit card needed.

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